Project Meeting - an hour later?

Both Logan and Leo can’t make the Wednesday project meeting at the current time (12pm EST/EDT, 5pm GMT/BST, 4pm/5pm UTC). Can everyone make it if we start an hour later? (1pm/6pm)

@tanner, @yousef, @mrz, @tad, @logan, @leo, @Kensie, @costenslayer, @buluma_michael, @JLensmeister

that makes it easer for me a swell +1 for moving it

I can, but I’d rather not. This doesn’t really give me much time to get lunch and to class.

That’s okay with me

I should be able to join about 30 mins late at the new time.

Meeting time is currently 9a US/Pacific which works for some days, others it doesn’t.

Moving to 8a US/Pacific would exclude me from all meetings. It’s somewhat problematic to get into work by 8a.

not 9, 10

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10a US/Pacific isn’t any better for me. But I might be in the minority.

just for clarity, 10 isn’t any better than 8 or it isn’t any better than 9?

honestly neither is better. Work “starts” at 10a. 8am has me in the car commuting to work.

Thanks to @tanner for the reminder, this change is adopted. I’ve updated the event on the calendar. You should all have gotten the email for it. If you didn’t that means you’re not on the event as a guest, if you want to be and you’re not, let me know.

New time is fine with me. @majken I didn’t get the email but it has been update in my calendar.

This time sucks. Let’s move it back. Note that this week it will be at the same time for people in the US because the UK changed back to standard time already.

Just go off the calendar!

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