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Hi everyone,

I’ve been realizing that while I am trying to get a handle on the bigger picture, how to better organize tasks into projects and to prioritize those projects, we still need to make more ground on personal accountability.

While I was triaging my own issues yesterday, I realized I didn’t have a good way to prioritize which ones needed to be done first, and the due date isn’t so helpful as we have been setting it in the context of an individual issue, and not in the context of who can get what done.

I have created a scrum board that pulls its backlog from almost all of our projects. I want to experiment with having a weekly sprint where we identify the issues we are committed to working on in the next week. If you look at the board you can see I’ve created a sprint for a week starting today.

To begin with I don’t want to put too much thought into making sure we put the best issues into the sprint. For now I want to work on personal accountability - being realistic about how much time we have in a week, and keeping up with commitments to get things done. If it’s a success then as we keep forming the sprints, we will do more and more to make sure we’re prioritizing issues and working on those first.

If you can’t make the meeting, you can still add your issues to the sprint and see what others have committed to working on.

Hi @majken

I totally agree we need to have this going ^.

I can’t seem to get the scrum board on Jira. Link maybe? I’d like to have my issues added :smiley:

Can you see Agile in the top menu? It should be listed there.

Here is a direct link

Oh yeaah :smile:. seen it now. Thanks

There is an option at the time to view “only my issues” which would give you a good view to decide which ones to add.

Also when you drag and drop the order in the backlog, it remembers the order, so that could be used for prioritizing your own issues, and remember which ones you want to do next.

Thanks for explaining further.

I hit an error though -> You cannot perform this operation because you do not have “Schedule” permission.

Which issue were you trying to work with?

I have unused categories and documenting categories requesters

OK, I think that was an issue the permissions on the board. You should be able to schedule your issues now.

Hi @Kensie I’m still getting the same error :frowning:

Weird, let’s troubleshoot this at one of the meetings then.

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