Project planning 2015-04-28

Reminder that we’ve added a Tuesday meeting so that mrz can attend! It’s still our usual time, however this meeting will follow San Francisco time, not London time, in DST shifts. Currently at 16 UTC (9 PDT).

Some topics to go over, but of course we might cover more:

  • OVH audit
  • JIRA trial
  • Rackspace vs OVH

If I remember correctly 14 UTC is 7 PDT. Or am I wrong?

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Yep, that’s correct:

@majken, could you please update your post to reflect that?

I missed the planning of this meeting. So we are keeping both Tuesday and Thursday meetings. Do these have diferrent agendas/content?

I’d be having hard time joining Tuesday meetings since I have a conflict with another meeting.

Ugh yes, I usually catch myself. It’s 12pm for me, so 4pm UTC, and so I got
to 14 instead of 16.

Right, no one else was included in picking a time besides myself and @mrz We were going to decide on the content once we saw who could make it.

What about Wednesday at the same time, does that work?

For me yes. 16:00 UTC on Wednesday works fine.