Promote your add-ons with the “Get the add-on” button

(amyt) #1

If you’re an add-on dev and would like a nice graphic to point people to your add-on on AMO, here’s something new you can use!

(Giulia Duemari) #2


are you going to release Thunderbird and Seamonkey buttons too ?




Thunderbird buttons were added in original blog post.

(Smayer97) #4

One of the things that helps promote add-ons that is now missing are tools to manage collections right from the add-ons page. Please see my other replies here:

(amyt) #5

Thanks for the feedback. I have re-opened this issue.

(Smayer97) #6

An add-on has been created to fill the gap and restore the links “Add to Favorite” and “Add to Collection” to the AMO site. Check it out here:

Now how to get Mozilla to restore this functionality to the site permanently?

For all those interested, go download this Add-on, and show support for it by writing a positive review. Then spread the word!

(Smayer97) #7

This add-on NO LONGER WORKS because mozilla made change to their site for security reasons. I appreciate the motivation BUT we again lost access to easy management of collections. See this post here:

Let’s make some noise…hopefully someone at Mozilla will listen.

Can you help @maritz ?


These buttons don’t really fit within the Mozilla websites privacy policy. The domain isn’t even mentioned.

So what privacy policies govern the use of these badges? As far as I can tell, no Mozilla website sets any cookies for the domain. Are IPs and referrer headers logged? and for how long? And other post-GDPR questions.

(Jorge) #9

This issue is being tracked on github.