Proper way to correct a web page slug?

(James Kramer) #1

I’m documenting Microsoft extensions on Our main extensions page was created as …\Microsoft_CSS_Extensions. It looks like it would be more consistent with others if it were …\Microsoft_Extensions. Agreed?

If so, what do I do to change it? I can see how to create a clone with the correct slug, but then how do I delete the original?



(Janet Swisher) #2

Hi @jameshkramer!

The way to do that is to move the page, which requires special privileges. You can read about that in Page moving. If this is just a one-time need, I or one of the other site admins can just do it for you.


(James Kramer) #3

Thanks for the quick response.

I believe this is a one-time need, so I would be very grateful if you would do it. The page

should become


(Eric Shepherd) #4

Janet/James: Keep in mind that it should actually be …/Microsoft_extensions to be consistent with our caps rules. We should probably fix the other pages sometime, too.


(Janet Swisher) #5


(James Kramer) #6

Wonderful! Thank you, Janet, thank you Sheppy.