Proton UI - no thanks

Just got the new firefox with proton enabled. Immediately disabled via about:config and browser.proton.enabled set to false. If the UI becomes too unfamilar then it is maybe time to change the browser.
And I do not care what specs or developers say, I want a browser which is usable for me.


Yeah, so big disaster that i’m forced to stay with old Firefox version. Every “improvement” that is listed as new is actually worse, all due to bad UI/UX and wasted screen space.


Thanks Sigbert, I too have now backdated the UI…(now I know how) not sure who they talked to about the new tabs, but its not an improvement

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I too dislike the new theme look for it is terrible with older eyes. Mozilla is not thinking of their user base with disabilities. Sigbert, thanks for sharing how to go back. I spent 3 hours “playing” with themes but this is a quicker fix.


Yup, if the “proton” options disappear from about:config, I’m either not updating, or switching browsers. I really dislike the new UI.


I signed up to this forum just to come and say this.

But since people have already been airing the same (specific) complaints about Proton UI since April I gather the FF UI Devs are deaf to actual user feedback.

Just to echo the other posts here, I think the new “proton” UI is a step back.

I find the lack of contrast in the new tabs on Windows 10 (Light Theme) to be a big issue and I’ve reverted it by following the steps above.

The floating tabs don’t make a huge amount of sense to me. They contain less useful information and take more screen real-estate than the previous design.

The only argument I’ve seen put forward by Mozilla for them seems to be that there are users who don’t understand that tabs can be re-ordered. This solution seems to me to a pretty drastic response to that problem.

I’d urge Mozilla to think again please.