Q2 2018 OKRs for Reps program

Yes, with a big delay we made it!

OKR 1 Reps community members are aligned with the shared leadership agreements and are working on a plan for future program evolution

  • KR1: Drive a conversation with all mentors by the Reps Council members and gather feedback about the direction of the program from at least 80% the Reps Mentor
  • KR2: As a result of the previous conversations provide positive feedback on the direction of the program (4/5)
    KR3: A draft version on the H2 plan for the Reps program is presented by the Council.

OKR 2: Improve Reps program procedures

  • KR1: We will have approved and aligned content with D&I & Mission Driven Mozillian as part of the mandatory onboarding course
  • KR2: Have clarity and document the support that the Reps program provides to Mentors
  • KR3: A conversation with the Reps community about the definition of Reps Alumni role takes place and a recommendation on next steps is signed-off by Council and Peers

The idea is to do everything we can before all hands so we can review all together in this event.