Quantum doesn't support Scrapbook! I've lost all my work

(Tristram Hicks) #23

Yes, we are talking about the same functionallity. Is there a way that I can automatically find out when there is a new Scrapbook (or equivalent) that works with Quantum? I would like to load Quantum but cannot do so without Scrapbook functionallity. Do I just have to follow the Forum discussion forever do you think?

(Koxae Sun) #24

I have so far found a temporary way for this problem: I installed Pale Moon with Scrapbook, and updated Firefox (he became really faster, but there are a few unusual or uncomfortable moments for me). This is a little awkward decision, I hope it is temporary.

(Ericrajuin) #25

For FF quantum there is web scrapbook made by the same developer who made scrapbookX. Although it’s features is rather limited compared to the old addon due to the limitations of webextension it seems.

(Charles Ramsey) #26

Download a copy of tor. You should then be able to add scrapbook to it through mozilla addons. Once that is done you will need to locate the scrapbook folder I don’t know where it is at since I put mine in in the folder with firefox portable. I have the scrapbook rdf file which I can install in any firefox clone simply opening it with the exe of that clone. Some one with more technical knowledge needs to download the addons from mozilla and make them available to the public. Mozilla does not own those programs.


I refuse to update FF to 57 as long as scrapbook or a good substitute are not available.
I had 56 running with the option that I decide on loading and installing FF updates.
To get rid of the annoying messages, inviting me to update, yesterday I changed the update options to let FF not check on new updates, and set the background services off.
This morning I switched on my computer and got an instant update of FireShot and FF to 57. I did not even launch FF.
This makes me mad!
As expected, scrapbook is inactive.
I want to return to FF56, but the update killed my old profile.
Can I recuperate my old profile? How can I prevent that FF hits me again?


I kept quantum for one day. As soon as I found out that Scrapbook does not work, one hour ago, I reverted by installing Firefox 52.
There will be no browser upgrade for me unless Scrapbook (or different product to which I can move the scrapbook data) works.

But more ghastly: there is a project for a “Web Scrapbook” add-on that should be the equivalent for Scrapbook, and from the screenshot I cannot see a working interface, i.e. a tree of documents with collapsable folders, menus, search field and other controls.
If renouncing XUL does not have a valid and possibily richer alternative, if “no more XUL” will mean renouncing to user interfaces and the new add-ons will be as poor as I see, like mistaking a telephone for a production environment, I am most surely out - I will not embrace impotence mistaken for “the future”.

(Mia 2018) #29

same here, i am not going near any new FF with out my baby SCRAPBOOK, i built a whole offline data base of pages, i advise FF to buy scrapbook or offer it at a fee if anything compared to garbage out there.

(Charles Ramsey) #30

I got waterfox to work with scrapbookx. It also works with ublock and videodownload helper. You may have to look for the legacy addons. It was fairly straight forward and I can’t tell the difference between the browser or the new scrapbook. By the way tor still works with scrapbook.


Thank you so much for this advice. By downloading Waterfox I managed to access my Scrapbook data.