Quantum doesn't support Scrapbook! I've lost all my work

(Tristram Hicks) #1

Hi, I uploaded the new Mozilla Quantum. I went on an interesting page and tried to add it to my Scrapbook using the awesome ‘Scrapbook’ Add-on. Now I can’t do this or access months of work. I feel very sad about this. Can anyone help?


(Stevo) #2

All Scrapbook-saves are stored as files in a folder (one per bookmark) in your user directory. At least you can still access the bookmarks - so nothing is lost.

@Mozilla: talking about bookmarks I have to state that the Firefox integrated bookmarks are a pain in the a** for todays user!

  • Firefox doesnt/cant add tags from the site automatically,
  • the naming is mixed up (it should be: [website] - [pagetitel] but it is [pagetitel] - [website]; try it at your own site: addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/)
  • one can’t store the actual site content additionally to the link (I do use Scapbook therefore too)
  • one can’t even store a thumbnail of the site to have a faster overview

You really should optimise the usability of this feature!


(jscher2000) #3

Unfortunately, as you discovered, Scrapbook is not compatible with Firefox 57. Your data is still saved, but inaccessible through the UI.

I am aware of one variant of Scrapbook that works in Firefox 57: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/web-scrapbook/

What I don’t know is how to make it “see” your accumulated data from another Scrapbook extension. Based on this discussion, that may not be ready yet: https://github.com/danny0838/webscrapbook/issues/14

I think if Scrapbook is currently an essential tool for you, you may need to use an earlier version of Firefox. The Extended Support Release of Firefox 52 will be receiving security updates through Spring 2018. There are some differences between a Firefox 55-57 profile and a Firefox 52 profile that may cause some issues with downgrading. Most of your essential data should survive the journey, but please make a backup.


(Tristram Hicks) #4

Hi Stevo,
Thanks very much for the quick response. You have mentioned a user directory that has folders. Do you have any idea how I might access the user directory or what the folder might be called? I have a Mac


(Tristram Hicks) #5

Hi jscher2000,
Thanks for the swift response I realy appreciate this. You have said that my data is saved but I can’t access it through the UI. I don’t know what a UI is.
Do you know how I can access my data? I am worried that when I delete Quantum (and move to a different browser which has a Scrapbook) I might lose access to existing data, can you advise? Using an old version of Firefox seems to be a limiting option.
Thanks very much for your help, Tristram


(gomertt2) #6

Simply save a copy of your profile Firefox folder ( if Windows located in your directory under users/apps/mozilla/profiles to a new created folder called old profiles- name that folder old-november-2017-profile-copy - to find your Mac directory simply google " Where is Mac User/Apps/Mozilla directory" )

then install your previous version of firefox where your addon worked ; as Stevo recommends.
Then close your firefox browser if its on- and reinstall the previous version you downloaded…
That’s really your easiest/best option
Then your old browser FF addons-tools will be workable again.


(Stevo) #7

I user Linux-Mint and in Linux it is…
There are folders named by date when you saved the site.

In windows you have to look here (I guess)…
where “[user]” is the name of your username and “[xxxxxxx]” a random string.
The “appdata”-folder is hidden, so don’t worry if you cant see it, it’s still accessible!


(Garcol Euphrates) #8

**Automatic “update” which costs functionality - WITHOUT WARNING SUCH is B.A.D. practice


(Tristram Hicks) #9

Hi, If you have had this problem, I deleted Quantum and loaded Firefox 52. I can now access my saved pages.


(Brian O'keefe) #10

Not too helpful but all of my scrapbook data is stored in the cache.rd file in the default directory. However, it’s all text, unformatted. If I could arrange the text autmagically into a list, at least, I could view the content. There is n


(Brian O'keefe) #11

Not sure where this previous post got garbled but I meant to write that I do have all of the scrapbook data in text. It is not easy, finding a webpage doesn’t exist unless I do a keyword search and then I can see the text but really hard to wade through

OK, I have had PaleMoon, a FF variant, installed and had the scrapbook addon. It still can open all of my scrapbook saves. So an option would be to download and install PaleMoon and add the scrapbook addon. It should find your cache and open the pages as normal. If you, like me, want that addon but only with FF then yeah, downgrade as suggested. I can do it from my repos to FF45 or download an older version and run it alongside FF57.
I ended up uninstalling quantum and installed FF56 and that works.


(Hape De) #13

Hi, I had the similar problem and I found following workaroud:

  • For Quantum I use the Win 64 version and use it for current and future purpose
  • In addition I installed the 32 bit version of Firefox 56.0 and disabled immediately the auto update function (see settings - best set it to “ask me for update” already in Quantum before installing 56.0)
  • I use the 32 bit version so I am able to use both version concurrently (not at the same time but alternatively)
  • After starting the 56.0 all my Scrapbook entries have been visible as before NOTHING was lost
  • I am using Scrapbook 1.5.14
  • Scrapbook 1.5.14 can create an index HTML file of all your entries. This feature does not recreate anything it just adds a new HTML file with an index to all your scrapbook entries. I have used the option “create index in iframe” (or similiar) and start HTML after creation.
    -If you have done that a list with all the folders and entries of your scrapbook will apear in the browser window. Create a bookmark for this list
    -Start Quantum again and load that bookmark. and save it in Quantum if not done yet.
  • Now you can use your “old” entries in Quantum BUT you cannot alter it anymore.
  • To alter your Scrapbook you have to do it using Foirefox 56.0 or below and create the HTML Index again.

I use this approach to keep my old entries and for all futuire “scraps” I try to find another Scrapbook extension which comes close to this fabolous old one and supports the new firefox engine.

English is not my first language therefore there might be some errors but I hope I could help you !

Regards from Germany


(I'm Mosley!) #14

Yes, Scrapbook and the way Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar behaves are two key pieces of functionality that keep me in FF - and lost them both in the Scrotum upgrade.

For anyone else looking to downgrade here’s a tip: TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES BEFORE YOU DELETE 57!!! As soon as I deleted 57 and reinstalled 55, it started automatically reinstalling 57! (There were two tick boxes - not just automatic updates but “use a background service”… Both need to be unticked for you to be safe!).

I know the Scrapbook guys don’t want to put the effort in, but if anyone gets Scrapbook working again, that would be extra groovy.


(Caitlin Neiman) #15

Hi @volga12, you might want to try Search by Image as an alternative to your previous Search by Image extension. Let me know how it goes.


(jscher2000) #17

Search by Image IS off topic, but for a list of some options, see a post I made on Reddit yesterday: https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/7fbo2t/google_image_search/dqasoyq/


(Jonathan L) #18

Hi all, shameless plug. I’m working on PageDash, and alternative for Scrapbook. It is cloud-hosted, and currently only Chrome-extension. I’ve just finished the port to Firefox, and will be submitting the PageDash Firefox extension real soon. Cheers.

EDIT: Firefox port is live! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/pagedash-web-clipper/

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(I'm Mosley!) #19

Will it import from pre-Fusion FF Scrapbook?


(Jonathan L) #20

Thanks for the comment. Did you mean pre-Quantum Scrapbook?

The way PageDash works is exactly the same as Scrapbook (files in a one-level flat directory for every page). I will work on an importer and update here soonish.

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(I'm Mosley!) #21

Hah! Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant.

Now if you could get a way to “fix” the new Home Page multiple tabs screen… Quantum would be OK. (I like that in pre-57, I could actually read the headlines on my tabs… Now the icons are way too small!)


(Koxae Sun) #22

Interesting extension. But the need for registration and online storage is somewhat inconvenient for me. With Scrapbook I have an independent database of saved pages (lessons, tips, tutorials). I can view it regardless of the Internet connection. This is the main convenience of Scrapbook. I use one .css file for all pages, so it’s good that the pages can be edited. Cloud storage is devoid of these advantages. Nevertheless, the idea is wonderful and will certainly be popular if you make it comfortable. Unfortunately, as a good replacement for the Scrapbook is not suitable.

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