Quantum Intelligence

This session is facilitated by Sakthi Anand P, Sahil Kumar, Tejaswi N, Indumathi U

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About this session

Quantum has been around for over decades but has become accessible only recently. We’ll begin our session with an introduction to quantum computing and the new capabilities & improvements it brings to the scientific community. Eventually, we’ll discuss the impact of quantum computing on several fields especially on Artificial Intelligence & Cryptography and how to use stronger algorithms resistant to the power of quantum. The imminent threat to quantum algorithms would be put forth along with the main aspects of a new computing model and its devastating impact in security standards.

In the hands-on session, we’ll make the participants to explore the open-source tools available for quantum computing, thus showing them how to use those tools to write their own quantum programs and run them on simulators and actual quantum computers.

Goals of this session

The goal of the session is to teach the participants on how Quantum computers could solve complex tasks that are beyond the capabilities of conventional computers so as to set the way towards the next generation of artificial intelligence systems.

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The one thing in common…“Quantum”

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