Quarterly London Reps IRL Meet (Q4 2018 - November 16)

@misaakidis instigated this one and I’m running with it as something we should do more regularly, yet at cadence that’s manageable. Quarterly feels right. This is open to change.

  • Friday, November 16 at 18:00 (location provided on a need to know basis)
  • follow-up event ETA February 2019

If you feel this is an appropriate gathering for you too (especially fellow Reps or Staff), please contact me for more information and a calendar invitation.

Note that any Discourse threads where the title changes regularly, like this one will, I advise you use URL’s in the following way: https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/33218 Notice how I’ve removed the title? Now as it changes in the months ahead the URL will always work like magic. :wink: