Question about contibuting browser compatibility table data

(Mec Rawlings) #1


I’ve submitted my first PR to help with this, the thing that struck me about reading through all the docs for getting the job done was that there is no guidance on ‘what’ your doing, loads of great stuff on the ‘how’ though!

Am I just transferring the existing data from the current tables to the new format or am I also trying to verify it at the same time?


(Florian Scholz) #2

Hi there!

Originally we planned to only transfer data as is from the current wiki tables into the structured format in the repository. However, thanks to all the time and commitment from people like @jmedley, we’re also reviewing and verifying the data itself often times.

So, actually the current goal is “just” migrating, but we’re doing some verification of it as well. I would say it is fine for you to concentrate on just transferring the data, as we can always verify it later on. Also, in the future, we might have some more automation that helps us with verifying the data.

Thanks so much for contributing and helping us with this effort!

(Mec Rawlings) #3

Hey @fscholz

Thanks for clearing that up! Yep, @jmedley has been checking my work! :smiley:

I’ll keep going on that.

(Jmedley) #4

FYI. It will be difficult for me to review everything in the coming weeks. Don’t wait for me. I’m leaving every PR in my inbox and will submit my own PR later, if I need to.