Question about exporting add-on codes to some sort of drag/drop or clickable installation

(Inamfdserv) #1

hi , i followed the instruction here

and created a simple addon … i’ve tested it by typing “about:debugging” and “Load Temporary Add-on”

but i want to make some sort of executable file that can be clicked or drag/drop on firefox for installation (i think its a xpi file )

how can i build my addon to xpi (or any other format) ?
i red i have to zip the files and upload it … but i want to use addon privately i dont wnat to go trough that

i tried to zip the files and rename .zip to .xpi but when i drop it on ff it says package is damaged

is there some sort of cli for that ?
i tried web-ext build but it just gave me a zip file


(Martin Giger) #2

All extensions in Firefox must be signed, you can upload them in a manner that doesn’t make it available to everyone. Just choose “unlisted” or similar when submitting. You can then download a signed version that you can install whenever you feel like it.

Depending on the Firefox version you’re using you may be able to disable signing though.

(Inamfdserv) #3

so i cant have .xpi file unless i sign & upload ?

(Niklas Gollenstede) #4

You can. An .xpi is really just a renamed ZIP archive.
But unless you upload it and download and use the signed version, “normal” Firefox installations won’t accept it.