Question about review process for pull requests

I would appreciate some information regarding the review process for pull requests. I submitted pull request nearly a month ago, but there is no indication within the comments that it has been reviewed at all yet. What is the normal range of times for a review to be done?

Hi @jimm

Normally, one person reviews the PR and then merges it or leaves a comment for changes. In this particular case it seems the actual content of the PR itself got a bit “lost”, because of the general discussion about updating. I think it’s worth commenting on the PR again to ask if anything needs to be changed in the code.

I haven’t done a PR myself for a while, but I think the “time-to-merge” heavily depends on the content of the PR. For example, how easy or hard it is to verify the correctness of the code. The MDN staff knows that the PRs are piling up and are trying to improve the situation.

See you,