Question about the firefox account

Hello. I get a notification in my email ( platform, that somebody from Germany logged to my account. I was rather changing my passwords and wanna ask, if I can check, if someone from that state was logged to my Firefox account too, or not.

Any advice? thank you, Vítek. I am not sure, where to write this question, or to who… on mozilla commuinity spport there are no moderators, only classic users…

Hey there!

You can ask questions here or on the Firefox support page:

Contributors and moderators are there to help you. If you want to know whether someone is a moderator, there will be the word moderator next to their username.

Back to your problem, you simply change your password, using at least 15 a mix of alphanumeric and special characters, both uppercase & lowercase. Make sure that your email service says that your password is strong enough.

You can also enable two-step authentication which is proven to be very useful. Also check your email service settings. On Gmail, I know you can log out or report the computer/user who has logged in to your account.

There is also an official Mozialla article about what to do if you find suspicious activity on your Firefox account:

Hope I helped!


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