[Question] Are there Feature differences in Firefox for Android due to different binary?

(Hannan Ali) #1

HI there,

I apologize if it’s not the right forum to ask this question, in which case, I would appreciate any pointers to the right place where I can post this, as I don’t know about the correct place.

My question is regarding Firefox for Android. Recent versions of firefox are being built for three ABIs. x86, armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a. Are they in terms of availability of web features, totally the same or are there any architecture specific features as well, which are only available while trying a specific ABI variant of firefox for android.

Can I assume if I tested one browser for some features, the results from the other variants of this browser version are going to be same as well?

I am doing some feature testing for all the firefox versions on almost all platforms and I need this information for proper coverage.

Thanks a lot for reading and I’d appreciate any response.