Question: BCD, APIs, and quick updates

(Eric Shepherd) #1

I’m in a position where I’m updating articles for Firefox 59 media updates, and need to update compatibility information. The pages I’m working on are not yet in BCD.

For example, I need to note that MediaStreamTrack.onunmute is now available in Firefox 59, but MediaStreamTrack.json doesn’t exist yet.

Do I have to create that file with all the info filled out for every property and method, or can I create the file but only include onunmute for now and let the other stuff come later?


(Chris Mills) #2

I feel your pain here, sheppy. I’ve been in this situation a few times recently.

Generally if I come across such a situation, the interface is not too big, and I feel like I’ve got time, I just do the whole interface. If I’ve not got time right now, I just leave it completely, and fill in an old-style table for the time being.

I personally think that’s better than creating a file and only filling in one property or whatever. If we did that, it’d lead to situations where we think interfaces are entered into BCD but they aren’t, causing us to miss things.

(Eric Shepherd) #3

That’s what I would say, too, and is how I’ve been doing things. I just wanted to get a second opinion.