Question regarding graceful asynchronous programming with Promises


I am currently follwing the Graceful asynchronous programming with Promises chapter.
I have reached the step about multiple promises and there is a little point that I do not understand.

Here is the step in question :

My question is about the following code :

I do not understand what is the role of the return keyword (in line 2) before the fetch call. What would it change if the return keyword was not there? It is explained later but I still don’t get it :

Second, we have added the return keyword before the fetch() call. The effect this has is to run the entire chain and then run the final result (i.e. the promise returned by blob() or text() ) as the return value of the function we’ve just defined. In effect, the return statements pass the results back up the chain to the top.

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Hi Ben,
I am working my way through the MDN Developer course and just finished the Function Return Values
I believe the return is used as it means that this data is directly fed into the results from the FetchAndDecode function. Thats what it looks like to me.