Questions about website stats


I have several questions about the stats on the website.

  1. Is the graph of the number of validated hours referring to all validated clips (even if rejected) or just the ones that were approved?

If it’s just the approved ones, there should be some way of seeing how many clips/hrs remain in the review queue.

  1. On the Languages page it says “Validated hrs: X out of 1.2k.” I read that the target was 10k hours for each language so what does the 1.2k refer to?

  2. If I go to the Stats page, it says “Today’s Common Voice progress on clips recorded: 5324 / 1200”, but on the homepage it says 1796 / 1200. Are these meant to be the same or do they show something different?

(Minor note: Where it says “today’s progress: X out of 2400 clips validated”, I’m guessing it really means 2400 validations rather than 2400 clips because each clip requires 2/3 votes. So 2400 clips would be at least 4800 validations.)



Regarding your first question, there was a similar discussion on Github:

Regarding “Today’s goal”, I think it’s about recording and validating at least an hour per day. An average recording has a duration of roughly 3 seconds, 1200 * 3 s = 3600 s = 1 hour. Two Yes-votes are needed for a positive review, so the daily goal of validations is 2400. I can’t follow your observation of different numbers on recording page and homepage. Maybe just reload the page?



Yes, but it says 2400 validated clips. It should say either 2400 validations or 1200 validated clips. It’s not a big issue, but the label is wrong.

The counter reset for the day not too long ago but here’s what I see right now.

There’s a small difference between the two at the moment. So it seems like the counter gets more and more out of whack as the day goes on. It was showing over 5000 recordings for the day before the reset which is clearly incorrect.