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Why are you heaping new features in when the most basic ones are missing?

Sync is a mess, doesn’t work and ISN’T WHAT I NEED OR WANT!




You do not have to use Firefox Sync if you do not want to - it is primarily designed to keep two of more copies of Firefox up to date with all of your bookmarks, passwords and other data.

Firefox Sync is currently the only way to export bookmarks to another copy of Firefox.

Hi Paul,

thanks for you response.

Firefox Sync is currently the only way to export bookmarks to another copy of Firefox

…which is precisely the reason I’m forced to use it. If I had a choice in the matter, I’d be gouging out my eyes with a pencil instead.

I’ve currently switched back to Brave, because it’s sync is at least marginally functional, but still not what I want or need. For the life of me, I don’t see any possible barrier to FF on Android simply offering a facility to export bookmarks for download. It would be no more a security threat than downloading any other file to a user’s folder.

I’m actually contemplating forking the FF repo myself, just to add this single feature, even though I have no experience coding on Android and would consider it nothing but pure torture to be forced to learn how. I’m just not seeing any option.

What really gets under my skin is that this doesn’t look like an engineering problem, but more like the arbitrary edict of some narcissistic managerial psychopath, hovering over the Mozilla code base like Gollum over his precious ring. I’m sick of it.

But thanks again for your response. It’s genuinely appreciated, but not much help. :slight_smile:

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