Questions from moderator

These are some of the most voted questions we got from the mozmoderator for Remo Camp. Council has tried to answer as more as possible.

Here you have them:

Mentor Training

How can we improve visibility of mentee to mentor - we have a process in place - how we improve it, what works , what doesn’t?

Soon we are going to have a mentor’s dashboard to help them have a clear vision about their mentees, activities and events. Council is also looking on improving the SOP and do mentors training to encourage them to get closer to their mentees.

How can we improve the budget and swag processes which are often slow and unpredictable?

Council is going to apply some changes to the workflow based on past experiences. They are always open for suggestions.

How can we identify mentors who are not performing well and help them improve?

With the new mentor’s dashboard Council also is going to stablish new procedures to ensure mentors accountability. Also we are talking about better ways for a mentee to give feedback about his mentor.

Reps Program Role in Mozilla

Is there a possibility of having the Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) Program to be under the direct supervion of the Reps Program?

FSA is an specific program for promoting products. Reps program has a broader scope, more around community building.

Do Mozillians, FSAs, Reps, Reps mentors and Reps Council members stand at the same level for Mozilla. Or is it a Step wise hierarchy?

Within Mozilla, we are all mozillians. Reps have signed an agreement that allow them to access some extra resources. You can check the Reps Governance wiki page for more information about roles inside the program.

How can we improve mentorship for non Reps? Looking for tips and advice.

Mentoring inside functional areas is out of Reps scope. Both functional and regional areas have already procedures to mentor and on board new people.


What is our definition of an “active” Mozilla Rep?

You can find it on our wiki page.

What should be the sources of information for council to identify or recognize an active Rep?

The Reps portal itself provide a set of tools to Council and Mentors to identify Reps activity. We are always improving them to have a better picture.

Trust - how can we improve trust winin the program (between Reps) and  outside ( of the whole mozilla in Reps /Reps program)

We are always encouraging Reps to communicate with each others, and we have several channels for that (mailing list, Facebook, Discourse…) and also regular meetings (weekly call, regional ones) help to increase this trust.

For the outside part, Reps program already plays a central role inside Mozilla and there are plans to be more relevant inside the leadership structure.

Do we have a “Rep Removal” procedure for those that break the Mozilla Code of Conduct?

Yes, mentors should raise their concerns to the Council. Council is working on a clear SOP for mentors to know they can already do this.

How  can we make sure a Rep got recognition because of his/her real  contribution, not based on favoritism/nepotism  only?

There is a whole accountability process in place where Council actions got overseen by Module Owner, mentors by Council and reps by mentors. In any case, if you think there is currently a situation, please raise your concerns to your mentor or directly to the Council.

How  can we make sure mentor accepted applicant as Mozilla Rep not based on  nepotism/favoritism  only?

Check previous answer.

Have each of the continental regions represented in the Reps Council.

Council is not supposed to be a regional representation body. Check governance wiki page for more information.

How can we make ReMo leadership less EMEA centric?

ReMo leadership location shouldn’t be a factor. If you think this could be a problem, please contact the council or open a discussion here.

How  would “abusing system” and “misuse of power” can be defined as in the  ReMo contexts?

Any abuse or misuse of power should be reported to Rep mentor, Council or Module Owner if it’s something to do with the Council.

How can we identify mentors who are not performing well and help them improve?

The new mentor’s dashboard will help us to get a better picture. There are some on going efforts to do more training with mentors and follow up with them if they have problems.

Mentor training

Should  Reps be bound with an agreement where they must be accountable for the  funds (budget) that mozilla gives  them?

They are already accountable of the funds Mozilla gives them and the good use of them.

How true people among the Management and the Council do not play  favouritism when it comes to choosing Mozillians for special  projects?

Council decision are overseen by the Module Owner and Peers. If you find a situation you think is wrong, please report it to your mentor or Council.

Will there be an election for the Mozilla Reps Peers?

Peers are appointed by Module Owner. Check how module system works at Mozilla.

Reps processes

How to support non-English speakers to be Mozilla Reps?

Right now, Reps are supposed to have a minimum level in English to be able to communicate with others and use program tools. If you have suggestions about this, please open a discussion here.

Can we empower mentors to have them perform some of the Council duties, so the Council can focus more on the program necessities?

Council is working on improving some administrative tasks so they can focus more on program necessities.

Can we take some of the budget tasks off of council’s plate and delegate to mentors and regional coordinators so we can scale?

We already do with budgets less than $500, and some processes involving budget review are being improved to speed up things.

We’ve a lof off problem to receive goodies & Budget to Africa do to some limitation on payment method? we need to have a plan for that

Council is currently looking into it and we probably have more information in the coming weeks.

How do you define who can be a mentor ? I think nomination by reps could be better than nomination of mentors ! What you say ?

Check mentors wiki page for more information about how mentors are elected.

Community Building

Quantity or quality?


How do we add quality contributors (vs. quantity)?

Right now, quality is what we are looking for.


According this topic: Do we have a “Rep Removal” procedure for those that break the Mozilla Code of Conduct? - I’m searching a visible link of the code of conduct: Starting here then

I think we need something like this: Learn more about mentors here but for Mozilla Reps.

Another topic is quality: I think, we can consider evaluate metrics with tools or blogs (posts for example) Or tweets (evaluate the hashtag). I think quality can be considered with the metrics, evaluated by the mentor.

That’s all for now, cheers!