Quick action required on office hours

(Viswaprasath) #1

Hello everyone,

I have personally seen passionate contributors around India and most of them work late night say after 8pm to make sure they contribute to Mozilla community. Know lot of contributors personally who spend whole night coding so they can send patches.

Recently haiyaa is organising some amazing office hours, which is done in Google Hangouts (or meet) and all the contents there are not public means only who attended call know what happened.

Have asked many times to move this to air Mozilla so any contributor (at least one with NDA signed) can see their later. There are lot of groups in Mozilla who make sure vidoes are available in air Mozilla, say Techspeaker call, ReMo call and so on. We want Mozilla India calls to be saved in Air Mozilla. I accept there will be some problem at least we need all the notes in proper etherpad.

Personally for last 5 yeas have seen many contributors working and helping everyone to resolve the problem.

Unofficial Mozilla India Office Hours - 12 January '18