Unofficial Mozilla India Office Hours - 12 January '18

I saw Viswa’s post about Haiyya’s office hours being difficult for many people to attend and I was like, why not? Why not hold an office hours for any Mozilla Indian, in a platform they like?

I have always wanted to hold a meeting using and today was the day. Went to, chose MozillaIN as room name, shared the link in Mozilla India telegram chat and played talky lander for a while.

Soon T (@Tripad?) joined, but he couldn’t hear me and left.

Then @drashti joined and we talked for about an hour about all things under Mozilla India.

I forgot to record the talk and therefore there’s no air mozilla video. But here’s a rough meeting note.

Personal introductions

Drashti is from Gujarat, Ahmedabad. I went to Ahmedabad last month during Christmas with family. Ahmedabad is an interesting place. I was born in Kerala, but now work in Karnataka, about 200 kilometres away from Bengaluru. Drashti is a software engineer and works in a java project.

Personal contributions to Mozilla

Drashti has been involved in localization, mozilla science, open leadership, makerfest, etc.
I have been involved in chatting in telegram.

Random rambling on Mozilla India

As I usually do, I was talking about how Mozilla India is not as active as I want it to be and despite all naysayers I stand by that. I also reiterate that working for regions is what is weakening Mozilla India. Drashti says she has seen an open-source contributor at makerfest who’s active in various other communities but does not want to contribute to Mozilla India because of “petty politics”. We also talk about Mozilla Kerala, Malayalam localization, Swathanthra Malayalam computing, Mozilla Tamil Nadu, @dunebuggie, etc.

Some interesting ideas that emerged:

  • Mozilla India has a crucial role in maintaining the health of Internet world wide. Imagine if TRAI made the net neutrality decision like US did recently? Would Reliance Jio have been the same? Would Mobile Internet in India have been the same? With the huge population that India has, does it matter what happens to Internet in India? Does it affect the whole Internet?

  • Mozilla Science should probably become more popular in Indian colleges. The community is very helpful.

  • Designing for Accessibility

  • Open Leaders Leadership Training is an interesting opportunity to get mentorship from inspiring leaders elsewhere.

    • Drashti’s project in round 3 was about learning web in local language and is now Local Web. It has now resources that help people learn in their own language about web, localization, etc.

We had to end the meeting at 11 because I was sleepy and nobody else was participating.

@Shashikanth171 was suggesting on Telegram that we should have these meetings twice a month. Why not?!

Shall we organise the schedule for the hours? @asdofindia @drashti

Yes, go ahead and create something that looks reasonable to you.

Yeah, definitely! We can share updates, queries, plans etc. for Mozilla. It would be helpful for new contributors too.