QUICKTEXT: The FROM (sender's address) auto select?

I use Quicktext all the time due to having several canned responses to emails.

In my situation, I have several email addresses.

Sometimes when I create an email using Quicktext I forget to set the email address I prefer for that message.

For example: Having multiple businesses, each has their own email address. A customer makes a purchase from business A and I want to send my quicktext message using the email address of business A. In another email, I’m using a quicktext message that requires the FROM email to be of my business B.

I have to remember every time to change my FROM (sender) email address based on the quicktext message I’m sending.

Is there some script code or something I missed that would allow me to ‘assign’ what from email address I want to use for a particular quicktext message?


I also have the same problem.

https://github.com/jobisoft/quicktext/issues is a good place to post about bugs for this add-on.