RainOfRust Campaign - Trailer

Hey awesome Mozillians!

We are really happy to announce the Rain of Rust Campaign, a month-long global campaign which would be specifically focused on the Rust language. It is going to take place in June 2017 in collaboration with the Rust community.

Here are some of the things about the campaign:

What is the campaign all about?

  • This campaign is specifically focused on the Rust Language.
  • The aim of this campaign is to increase the Rust outreach and train developers to contribute in the Rust ecosystem
  • Formation of regional Rust communities.
  • The campaign is Rust beginners and moderates centric.

Who can be a part of this campaign?

  • Students -> Learn Rust
  • Developers -> Adopt Rust
  • Tech Speakers -> Speak about Rust
  • Curriculum Designers -> Design Rust teaching kits
  • Localizers -> Localize Rust teaching kits
  • Leaders -> Form and lead regional Rust communities

How can you get involved?

  • Participate in online and offline Rust events
  • Organize online and offline Rust events
  • Learn and adopt Rust and hack teaching kits
  • Be the regional #RainOfRust representative; join the [Telegram channel](https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEL0qoD3aksLca5JjQ)
  • Localize Rust teaching kits

Interested in joining us? Let us know by adding a comment on this discourse topic.

Teaching kits and further announcements to follow soon!

Boots up! Its gonna get Rusty! :slight_smile:

Cc: @couci @kelimuttu @umeshagarwal @prathamesh @dvigneshwer

Mehul Patel.
On behalf of Mozilla India


Hey! I’ve been contributing to the Servo browser engine for some time now, and am currently completing a GSoC assignment under the project. I’m in Mumbai for the duration of this campaign, and I could help in organizing some events, or designing the teaching kits. Let me know if you could use some help!


Awesome! Good to hear that. Just PM me so we can discuss and conduct a Rust workshop or session for developers around to bring them into Rust ecosystem.

Come on, Join the telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEL0qoD3aksLca5JjQ

More you can find here : https://github.com/MozillaIndia/RustIndia/tree/master/RainOfRust

Feel free to ping me on telegram/twitter @rowdymehul if you need any help or have any questions.

Cc: @dvigneshwer

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Hi @cynicaldevil.

Thanks for pitching in.

For event organizing and logistics related queries you should definitely reach out to @rowdymehul and @prathamesh

Regarding the teaching kit we follow a very simple process as follows:

  • Decide a topic
    Servo is a super cool topic and we do not have it currently in our teaching kit, so it will be great if you can submit one in the next 5 -6 days. It will be a win-win situation if you can design a kit which is focussed on contributing to Servo project in a meaningful manner.

  • Project development guidelines:

  • Focus on producing a tangible output at end of the project

  • Limit max to 500 lines of code

  • It shouldn’t be very complex for a newbie

  • Proper code comments

  • Documentation:
    Write blog about the kit covering the following aspects:

    • Key learnings
    • Setup instructions
    • Brief code workflow explanation
    • Brief discussion about the core concepts
  • Publishing:

  • Create a project directory in the RainOfRust repo

  • Write a brief Readme.md file about the project

  • Create a PR

Let me know if you need more details.


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I think I can create one based on Servo. I can ask jdm to set aside a few easy bugs for this event, but I’m not sure how many of them will be available.

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@dvigneshwer @rowdymehul I thought about the Servo teaching kit some more, and it does not seem like a good idea. Servo takes a long time to clone, download dependencies and finally install, and the whole process can take more than an hour (depending on laptop specs, download speed, etc.)
If you have any other ideas for a teaching kit, I would be happy to create a PR for it though!