Random Things Disconnect Often

I notice that, whether it is a wifi plug, smart light, or even arduino thing (as pictured), that I’ll see some disconnected at strange times after working for a good period. I thought there may be an mdns issue, but even large-brand items like TP-Link seem to go out as well. My internal logs are also showing no errors in that regard. Part of me was wondering if not updating the gateway software might be an issue? I was looking around for some instructions on how to update the repo on the pi but i cant quite seem to find any. Would it be as simple as a sudo apt update? I appreciate your time.

found out that my pi is auto-updating so no worries there. For the longest time i couldnt even reconnect to this thing. Some items reconnect like my bulbs, but no luck with this particular one, even through the serial monitor is showing updating values and a solid connection with the correct mdns and ip. I also can’t reconnect to it using the local ip for some reason… Either way, it’s discoverable, it just is disconnected almost all the time