Rating without review

It is very frustrating not to know the reason for a low vote on own theme… what good is it if I can not improve it?
Moreover it seems to me that the author can no longer even respond to reviews :imp:
In short, rating a theme should be a moment of sharing but currently it only serves to make a ranking …

I feel bad not being able to thank people for their review also. If they write a review we can but if they just do the star rating we have no way to let the user know we appreciate their review. I was told it was something to do with spam or something.

I know I am very late to this thread, but I believe it is the best place to vent the following…I feel there should be a way for theme creators to delete rude, trollish, and/or just plain unnecessary reviews/ratings. I just got through deleting a couple of themes, one that certainly could have used improvement (but never had any other users besides myself, so it is staying deleted) and another I’ve re-uploaded because it is perfectly fine (Victorian Damask) due to random trolls deciding to downvote with no rhyme or reason but just because. I wholeheartedly agree that if such voters would give a reason as to why they rate the theme low, there would not be any problems and I can do what I can to improve the theme. But when nothing else besides that rating is given, as far as I am concerned, that is trolling that does not deserve to be left up nor be counted towards the theme’s overall rating.

Last response, I absolutely promise…but I just had this unnecessary mess happen again with another theme, New York Noir. And I’ve attached pictures to interestingly demonstrate that there may be spam bots behind these nonsense one star ratings without reviews. The one star rating New York Noir received was ten times in a row, which is rather weird and very bot-like behavior. Again, I think something should be done to counter this. I wholeheartedly understand the need for reviews, and certainly appreciate them when they are constructive in their criticism, but these constant bot and troll ratings/reviews are, at least in my opinion, requiring that there should be a review approval system in place for either Mozilla or its theme creators to weed out the genuine ratings from the spam/troll ones.

Edited to add: It should also and especially be noted that I hardly ever got any ratings/reviews in the two and a half years I’ve been creating and submitting themes on/off before all of this started roughly two-three weeks ago. To suddenly get so many ratings in such a short span of time lends all the more to my suspicion that there are bots and/or serious trolls at work here. That said, not all the ratings/reviews qualify as more than potential shenanigans…one four star review I received (on Victorian Damask, formerly Theatrical Damask) actually said something.