Reactivating Mozilla India meta team

Dear Mozillians from India,

Remember Mozilla India went through a great restructuring process and all that a few years ago? I don’t think it was a great success. I think that’s partly because there never was a meta team (there was a provisional meta team which I am embarrassed to admit I was a part of). That’s also because contributing to mozilla is complicated now.

Nevertheless, it will be good to have things functional again.

I propose that we keep the structure of meta team, functional teams, focus teams, and regional groups as it is and reactivate the meta team by reforming (or forming) a meta team.

So, this is an invitation to people who believe in the idea of “mozilla india” to come together and bring in some effort to be part of that meta team which can help others.

One Mozilla India?

I don’t know if having a Mozilla India community is necessarily bad. I keep hearing that the “one mozilla india” idea is bad. I used to think that we should not have regional groups at all. But now I think that it is inevitable that there will be regional groups. But none of that makes a mozilla india group redundant or waste of effort. Do you think so?


I feel that the idea of One Mozilla India makes us who we are, of how huge we can be whereas Regional Groups are just a situation that we are in, and will be in, since we are people who even if we don’t have differences, we end up creating them ourselves.

I’m in for the effort, this push towards being one. Sign me up!


I have joined the community quite recently so I don’t know much about how One Mozilla India was before and how impactful it is right now. I’m not a big fan of Regional Groups, but I don’t think I have much say on this since they seem to be pretty dominant here in India.
I would love to see Mozilla India as a whole rather than bunch of Regional Groups(seems a bit unstructured to me and I also have seen that it creates lot of differences between multiple communities).

Sign me up!

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Hey @asdofindia thank you for this. I would love to be a part of it and share my ideas, but since I am not aware how it used be before, I am not sure I would do justice. It would be really helpful if you or anyone can give a brief about it. This would not only help me but other Mozillians as well, who joined the program through the current structure.

It’s all there in the openbook

Don’t know how much of that is relevant anymore. So consider the meta team as a team that cares about mozilla india and wants to make it work again.

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Thank you for the link. I went through it and understood that there were different functional and focus groups. That sounds interesting. My only concern is with so many groups and the structure, how did the problem like gatekeeping was solved, didn’t so many groups confuse new contributors?
I think that we can build a better structure making regional groups our focus, since it would be these regional groups that will help out with the offline activities. We can start with first solving the current issues we are facing with the regional groups and think ways to have One Mozillia India.
I would love to discuss more on this. Sign me up to!

The idea is that functional groups allow cross country collaboration on similar problems. Gatekeeping - there is not much to gatekeep in functional groups.
Focus groups are transient groups that people keep creating. It happens in real life already. We’re just making it official thereby holding those groups also accountable to the community vision.

Regional groups can continue as they are now. But we can also figure out how a Mozilla India meta structure can help regional groups.

Mozilla India should be the identity of every mozillian and new contributor, while the regional groups are only a means to make processes faster and easier.

I dislike regional communities heading towards independent identity and stealing the steam from the Mozilla India banner.
From what I gathered from the restructuring process, there has been significant effort towards building a framework to making community contribution more meaningful. But regional communities may lack such forethought and planning. Unifying communities for a One Mozilla India is very much a necessity to avoid reinventing the wheel in regional communities.


  1. Having Mozilla India representatives who are not a part of the local community in the regional communities to promote cross-region interaction.
  2. Encourage discussions to move to general channels(Mozilla India) unless it is a hard requirement to discuss in a specific channel(Regional group).
  3. Promote Mozilla India at all events rather than just regional group and Mozilla.
  4. Fuel the structure that Mozilla India has created with community members from the regional communities(New members are completely unaware of Mozilla India and the governance structure).
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