Really amazed how useless firefox is now

And that’s the kind of behavior that isn’t accepted here.



I’m an employee of a university, I have never been an employee of Mozilla.

Quantum still sucks in 2020 and will never be great again. Firefox will never admit they dropped the ball with legacy killer version 57.

I still keep looking at Firefox to improve so I can leave Chrome. I never can. It’s usually unstable and consumes all available memory on my system and locks it up after a day of usage. In Chrome I can have 20 tabs open. Leave(Put PC to sleep), come back and operate as normal. Under the same environment and usage, Firefox will eat all 16GBs of ram and sometimes completely lock up my PC and force me to reboot. This has been happening for YEARS and they refuse to address it. Firefox has been bad for me since version 2.2+ or something like that. FF 2.0 was amazing and I wish we could go back to that time. I came to FF from Mozilla (Back then I started on Mozilla and then went to Mozilla Suite). They stopped Mozilla Suite and then I had to have 3 applications again. FF, Thunderbird, and mIRC, but since then I’ve stopped using IRC and I just find it unnecessary to have an email application at the moment, but I will still choose TB, should the need arise again. I have been watching for 16 YEARS, Mozilla. You haven’t fixed it. I have been a disappointed fan for 20. Let that sink in.

I truly wish someone would just fork 1.8 of Firefox and just add the security and HTML5/CSS3/Javascript updates for rendering. No GUI changes. Nothing. Just mint 1.8 with basic upgrades.

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Usually, critical voices like this get killed in the corporate echo chamber in no time.