Really amazed how useless firefox is now

I should start with saying how rarely I sign up on forums to comment on something. Pretty much never unless the experience is superb or extremely bad. Sadly its worse than bad and I’m impressed someone can fail so hard to make me write this.

Switched back to firefox quantum from chrome which I was forced to use as I couldn’t even google anything on firefox due to expired certificates.
Now it seems I’m once again made to make the switch. Last few weeks I’m having issues out of the blue accessing any websites at all. Issue comes and goes like mosquitoes during summer.
Now obviously the addons. Viewing any website without adblocker is literally unbearable with 3 pop ups showing up everywhere and my Kaspersky going crazy as well.

My question is: how can a company go so low with its standards? It’s like every update its going backwards.
Am I supposed to keep chrome on my PC just in case the devs break something again?


Sounds like a DNS issue to me. Have you tried a different browser? I would suggest asking in a computer forum for help in figuring out what the issue is and if it is a problem with firefox you could still create a new thread here or create a new entry in the bugtracker.


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To be clear, the problem with Firefox being unable to verify extension signatures due to an expired certificate was not caused by an update. More like the lack of an update.


Firefox is fast becoming a useless piece of garbage, no excuses, people always try to put the blame on the user, you didn’t do this, you didn’t do that, it could be this or that, the truth is you keep unloading useless pieces of updates which have nothing to do with any improvements, security or anything that a user could enjoy, and I mean this across all applications, and software out there.

In recent years I have been watching how Firefox increasingly becoming sluggish, extremely heavy to launch, to even get the flaming Google page without spending up to 1 min.

I use a very powerful laptop with an 8Gig of ram and yet it’s ridiculously slow, when I use Chrome (which I despise) it starts in a flash, it starts pretty fast (as expected ) and it loads pages inside 3 to 7 seconds max.
Firefox takes up to a minute in some cases even longer.
I hate Chrome not for what it is but for whom it belongs to.
It’s with heavy heart that I am going to drop once again Firefox, I ran it with and without add-ons and yet it’s still a piece of garbage.
I tried it on three machines two running windows and one runs Linux and on three machines it’s the same thing, it stresses me out every time.
Unfortunately I have to go back to Chrome or some other web browser.


I wish the Firefox developers stop for once to try and imitate Chrome and do something different, fast, reliable, and most importantly stop giving excuses whenever an issue is raised by users, and get on with it. That’s what politicians usually do, not software developers.

Late reply but I agree. Tired of FF’s continual excuses while sending users chasing their tails for solutions that solve exactly nothing.

FF becomes slower, more sluggish and useless with every ‘update’. Don’t even get me started on the inability to even see a comments box in YouTube, much less be able to reply to anything but other peoples’ replies.

Get your act together FF before you become extinct. The majority of users are turning to Google simply because it works; no fart-arsing about, no excuses, no sending users on wild goose chases. Google. Just. Works.

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I agree, enough with the excuses.

Compare with this, yesterday:

You can complain in a way that helps no-one, or you can allow the support communities to help with your case.

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Can you let us have a link to your case? Thank you

Mozilla truly failed so hard with WebExtensions. I am using Waterfox/Firefox classic but it became unusable now concerning speed.
Today I decided to have a look on the Quantum version and what I see is a mess.
It is fast…yes, but my Firefox looks like crap now.
Actually it is kind of unusable.
I was using AIO Sidebar, Add-on bar and TabMixPlus, beside many other add-ons.
Especially the bars are a MUST HAVE to get a clean usable layout when using many add-ons. But also the lack of a proper session management is ridiculous.




The expanded view of my profile includes a link to Mozilla bug 1381922 - Allow modifying/restoring back-forward history for each tab

It is impossible now to make this browser as usable as it was before.
There are even not single spaces, only flexible ones. So How am I supposed to order all those icons in a proper way when missing all additional bars and even just a spacing?? :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

MenuWizard also does not work. Nice!! Context Menu is so very much not customized to my needs now. Also thanks for this.

KeeFox also works not as before, this is very very unpleasant.

Are you all right @Mozilla??

Yes sir you are absolutely correct. it lags freezes while watching online videos and downloading videos from IDM. mostly it freezes due to adobe flash or its addons. I think firefox is becoming useless by its every update issues. And when every update i get on firefox. I check what improvements they have made and unfortunately they never making correction on these bugs rather make fixes on other minor issues by ignoring these huge issues.

Really? That’s all you’ve got? “…allow the support communities to help with your case”? And waste more of our time than FF’s already wasted?

How many times - and in how many different ways - does the ‘Mozilla Team’ need to be told of the same problems before code monkeys stop monkeying around and do their job?

I never needed FF to play party tricks by loading 100 tabs just to fool trackers, for crying out loud. We pay for a damn good internet security system that takes care of that for us.

How about less party tricks and more relevant coding?

  1. Slow to load. FF is painfully slow to load and always has been - even with the best connection and machines money can buy.

  2. Next to no search results. Though FF claims to use Google’s search results, it doesn’t. Using the same search phrase as used on Google, Firefox can’t even come close to giving the results Google does. In fact, it completely ignores the very results we look for.

  3. Oh and this one’s a classic: online businesses are still having to advise customers to use Google when they experience any number of issues trying to shop/login/contact their site because they were trying to access it using FF - and hey hey, what do you know? They were right. Google works without drama.

It says something when online businesses know that FF is more trouble than its worth.

  1. It seems like every time we turn around, FF is loading yet another ‘update’ that does absolutely nothing to address it’s pathetically poor performance.

  2. My favourite: FF affects YouTube’s sound level so that it becomes barely audible. Removing FF removes the problem.

Hmm, I really like firefox and get no adds… Its faster than chrome… way faster, and with a bridge to onion sites to boot. I am genuinely curious how you guys set up firefox for it to be that slow? 0o Like what are you doing in settings…

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To help understand how things are prioritised, please see:

In particular:

You seem to be completely out-of-touch with reality, not to mention what users wrote above…

You are die-hard Mozilla employee as well as supporter. Loyalty is generally good thing, but within reasonable limits.

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Calm down a little …

Where in my post did you see personal atack?

Is it threat? Is there something else you would like to tell me? If so, mark your words ma’am as you dont know neither me nor who I am. And I will not tolerate threats being directed at me.