Recover access to add-on

Hi there,

At The Guardian we have an extension called Teleporter (extension ID jid1-np4qQKys1098lQ@jetpack) that lets editorial staff jump from our website to the appropriate editor in our CMS and back again.

We self-host and have successfully been uploading it for signing using an API key and secret. Recently the signing process has started failing with Please read and accept our Firefox on Distribution Agreement as well as our Review Policies and Rules by visiting

As far as we know it’s not possible to accept the terms just using the API key and secret?

We’ve managed to determine (by calling signed with our API key and secret) the email associated with the credentials, unfortunately that person left the company a while ago. I haven’t put the email here for security but can send it over if required.

We tried sending a password reset but it failed because the address no longer existed. We recreated the address but are now getting “You’re email was just returned. Mistyped email?”, perhaps caught in a bounce table?

Would anyone be able to help your side? Either to get a password reset sent so we can log in or to transfer the extension to a different owner through another method.

Thanks in advance for your help,


If you can not recreate an account with the e-mail I’d suggest contacting amo-admins at mozilla dot org with the specific details you left out here.

Thanks! We definitely can recreate the account but the password reset email doesn’t send with an error: “Your email was just returned. Mistyped email?”.

I’ll send them a mail.