Recover my chat Account from deletion

This is about
After 5 months away from the chatroom, today when I tried to log in with my github account, the chat room requested me to create a new username which I named “ralts1337” while my old profile is still in the chatroom, which is axew1337( I was thinking that I created a new account thus I deleted the ralts1337( . Now it seems that my github account was somehow also linked to the new ralts1337. Both my github and google authentication are now deleted and I cannot log into this chatroom anymore.
However my mozilla account is still there. I can still log into and . Is there a way to recover my old mozilla chatroom account(or both)? or who should I email to help on this situation?
Thank you in advance.

I am having a similar issue. I only wanted to see if I can actually create a matrix account via and thus didn’t think much about the username. As the test proofed successful, I deactivated that test account to create a new account with a better username. However, as the SSO is connected to my email address, the server now blocks creation telling me about my deactivated account every time.

Anyone knows who to contact about this?

@xuanqixu could you solve your issue?