Referer Header removed in all the requests made from my addon

Referer Header is removed from the HTTP GET requests which I made through my add on. Tried updating the referer settings but no luck. Attached the modified settings. All other settings are default.

Note: Using Latest FF. Version - 94.0.2 (64-bit)

Attached screenshots

Do you have a host permission for the host you’re making the requests to? Where are you making the requests from?

I haven’t tested, but according to the documentation:

Content scripts get the same cross-domain privileges as the rest of the extension: so if the extension has requested cross-domain access for a domain using the permissions key in manifest.json , then its content scripts get access that domain as well.

This is accomplished by exposing more privileged XHR and fetch instances in the content script, which has the side-effect of not setting the Origin and Referer headers like a request from the page itself would; this is often preferable to prevent the request from revealing its cross-origin nature.

Note: In Firefox, extensions that need to perform requests that behave as if they were sent by the content itself can use content.XMLHttpRequest and content.fetch() instead.