Register as a Mozillian

If you’ve helped our UK Community out through volunteering in the last year, I highly recommend getting registered as a Mozillian.

Whether through SUMO, MozFest, Glass Room, Mozfest House, Global Sprint, contributing code, MDN edits, local events, MozLibs, Mozilla Science, MozCoffee and many many more! is Mozilla’s network of thousands of folks, globally distributed through 121 countries. Its powerful network effect is undeniable and I’d love you to be part of it – to officially recognise your help.

Send me a DM or get in touch with the Mozillian in charge of your team. Or grab one of us at MozFest in October.

You not only get access to additional insider content, like on Airmo, but also once you get vouched just 3 times you can then go on to vouch for other awesome folks in your community too.


Erm, don’t you need to have a NDA in place to get access to the ‘insider info’ on Air Mozilla David?

But all good advice!

I would be delighted to ‘vouch’ for anyone that volunteered at MozFest during my term as Volunteer Coordinator.


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I took that detail from the wiki, which was last updated August 2018.

As a vouched Mozillian, you have access to:

  • View all profiles and join groups
  • Receive email communications sent to vouched Mozillians
  • Access special video content on Air Mozilla
  • Use other Mozilla apps as a vouched user
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Fair enough - if it’s on the wiki it must be right :wink:


I find the new Airmo a mess for categorisation so can not currently gain further clarity. I have escalated your general point to the Avops team. Seems a good opportunity to get it up to date if needed.