ReMo Portal UX

This is just the thread starter for the ReMo Portal UX Initiative.

Here’s the link to the etherpad:

We’ll be working to do some user research in the next 2 weeks to submit the findings to WebDev in time for the Portland meetup in December 1-6.


Well isn’t the portland meetup supposed to be primary a MDN workweek?
Or has that evolved into a full blown meetup?

I thought we can start discussing here itself.

Added myself to the etherpad. Am available for design work :slight_smile:

Yes, definitely. We can do that. I’ll be sending a new etherpad in a bit.

Hi Regnard,

I spent some time building a mockup that you might want to take a look. It doesn’t necessary need to be like what i made, it’s just from my point of view…

I made this with grid rules