Remote access service

Hi all, if i no longer wanted to use the remote access service (Pagekite), is there an easy way to disable this?

Not sure if there is a built-in way, but this previous post provides hints how to “reclaim” your WT domain. It references a script that cleans up old settings in preparation to reclaim. Read script for reference I guess…

Yes will reset the tunnel settings. You can run it on the command line by enabling SSH on your gateway and logging in remotely (or just plug in a monitor and keyboard). After running the script the gateway will prompt you to configure the tunnel again, at which point you can just click “skip”.

Running the script deletes the tunneltoken and notunnel settings from the SQLite database at ~/.webthings/config/db.sqlite3 and deletes the SSH keys, then clicking “skip” resets the notunnel setting to true (so you could also do that manually if you prefer).

Thanks for this.
I did notice this morning when looking at a config file (default.js) in the config directory there is an entry there for “ssltunnel” (image attached)
If this was changed to false would this not do it?

Yes, probably. But that file is likely to be overwritten during software updates and it will not remove your subdomain configuration from the database, so it’s not a reliable way to disable the remote access service.

In general mutable files are stored in ~/.webthings and the source code directory you’re referring to should be thought of as being immutable (it actually will be immutable in the upcoming snap package).

Thanks for the info Ben… appreciate it