Remove Anything

(Anon Private) #1

Remove anything requires the user to give permission for the programme to access the users data before it can be installed. Is this safe?

(erosman) #2

What is the URL of the addon?

(Anon Private) #3

I use Firefox under Linux. I believe that the addon would come from the Firefox repository

(Martin Giger) #4

Can you link to the entry of it on ?

(Anon Private) #5

I did not see any links - Firefox simply does it. However, I would expect it to install from the FF repository. How can I check? Do you take the view that if the addon does come from the FF repository then it is safe to agree to accessing users data

(Anon Private) #6

Link is

(Anon Private) #7

Nuke Anything Enhanced has the same requirement.
I wonder which is best

(erosman) #8

It only needs “activeTab”, “contextMenus” permissions.

activeTab: To access the visible active tab, in order to remove the object
contextMenus: to create a context menu

I have checked the addon and it is fine.

Have a look at this topic and my answer:

That is also similar. It also has a “storage” permission to save some user options.

(Anon Private) #9

Thank you, I will read your link.

Do you have a view regarding which of the two programmes is better, i.e., more comprehensive, powerful, easy to use, reputation, etc.


(erosman) #10

I have not tested their functionality… but the first one has slimmer code and I personally prefer slimmer code.

(Anon Private) #11

Thank you for answering my questions.

Best wishes