Remove Email Addresses From Address Books

this was an older add-on and now is not renewed and not available for last versions.
how is possible ask to develope one new add-on ?

I would like to be able to easily remove the email address associated with a bounced email message from my address books.
By default, a user must copy the e-mail address from the bounced mail, search each address book, and finally delete any matched items.

The function simplifies that process. I ask new Add-ons simply right-click on any email address link shown in a message and choose the menu item ‘Remove From Address Books’ that has added to the popup menu.
A submenu permits you to choose among those local address books known to contain a card with this email or all local address books containing this email.
will optionally be prompted for permission to process each local address book and to confirm the card’s deletion.

Responding to these confirmations with the Cancel button will prevent that card from being deleted and you will be given the opportunity to cancel the entire operation (with no items deleted) for the current address book.

[quote=“cattaneo_fabrizio, post:1, topic:54737”]
how is possible ask to develope one new add-on ?
Do you mean that you want to develop a new addon yourself? Some of what you require is possible with the new APIs. I don’t think the right-clicking bit is yet but I can imagine other approach to processing the bounce:
This is the place to ask:
If you’re asking for someone else to develop such an addon, then you could ask there, but you would need to arouse somebody’s interest.

I’m not able to create an add-on, I could pay something for it. My knowledge of English is not enough, maybe I could try if it was written in Italian.

I don’t know of an official place to suggest new oddons. And I don’t know of an Italian-language forum on which you could ask.

What I would do is post on the topicbox forum - something like ‘suggestion for addon - remove bounce address from mailing list’. I would post in English - and also in Italian. You might get a reply from an Italian developer - there are certainly developers with .it email addresses. Or from someone who knows of a similar addon.

Include a link to the old addon if you know it.

The development documentation is only in English (and some of it hasn’t been written down in English yet!)

Good luck.