Remove my Swedish sentence submissions from parliament proceedings

I started to add sentences from the Swedish parliament proceedings yesterday but after looking at the thread about Catalan parliament here realized that they would not fall under public domain as attribution is expected (even if all use is allowed).

So I guess they should be deleted. Username: andersjohansson

I guess this is a common problem, where “public domain” expectations work better for US sources. As I understand it, in much of European copyright law, following the Berne convention and emphasizing the “right of the author”, it is very uncommon to not require (or at least expect) attribution, even if no other rights are asserted (

By the way, I see that a better way for collecting sentences would be to develop good rules for Swedish for the wikipedia extractor script. I will attempt this going forward.

This is taken care of. Thanks for reporting.

Happy to help out if you have any questions around that. You can find more info, including a link to a Matrix chat room for questions here: