Remove Text drop Shadow/Glow


Is there any way to do this? On anything but deep black/white themes, it makes the text really hard to read (or at least not as well as it could be). Just plain single color, no BS, text is not possible?

(Philip) #2

Hi there,

Could you be more specific? Where are you seeing the problem: in tabs, in AMO, etc?

Thanks! Philip


Hi, Philip. Take any solid theme that isn’t basically on the greatest contrast spectrum of white/black, let alone anything with a graphic. The shadow is pretty blurry (or is it a glow?), which just defuses any contrast and counteracts readability overall. The fact that the tab/bookmark bar is a transparent piece, doesn’t help either.

Btw, why no ability to make it plain solid color? Or Is there a way to turn it off? I made a theme and the configured Tab color ends up being a small bar on top of the [active] Tab. While there is nothing wrong with this, it would be much simpler and more effective if the whole Tab would be a solid color. Or another image, which would raise the amount of effects (like such a bar), and customization overall like tenfold. I mean, if the theme required transparency, it could easily be done by using such a texture instead. Although, i’d assume most people would prefer no transparency given the choice. I’d think, no transparency would even aid performance more, no? I think It’s all a little too restrictive for no apparent reason.

(Philip) #4

With the first version of Photon (the name of our design language), we wanted to keep things as simple as possible. We currently don’t have much in the way of granular tab strip customization built in, but some Mozillians are working on a webextension experiment which will allow for detailed customization (at least in regards to colour, I don’t think it will change the size/scale of the tab strip). Here is the github project, if you’re interested in its early development: