Remove View Count symbol clear of number of count

I need to copy and paste to my excel record sheet the number of the blog view count each week. I used to be able to eliminate the View Count (eye symbol) using CSS device on legacy blogger. I can no longer do this and the count number is now attached to symbol on my excel sheet . I can no longer get an incremental total of last week cf earlier week because excel comutations do not work with a symbol attached to the number. On New Blogger if I copy the the data from blogposts to an excel sheet the data is not copied as it is displayed on the blooger (on a single line across the page), but each element on the excel sheet is placed on the next line down. This makes sequential comparisons across the page of my excel record sheet, week by week, impossible. Any solutions?

Hi Charles, I don’t have a Blogger blog, so I don’t know what the page looks like.

If you overselect by including a preceding heading or paragraph and a following one, does the paste work any better? If not, perhaps it’s not a real HTML table, but a bunch of individual elements laid out to simulate a table using CSS.

Google doesn’t offer any kind of export or download that would bypass the need to copy/paste?