Removing "duplicate" `applications` according to `web-ext lint` breaks build

I just tried following web-ext lint's recommendation to remove the applications key in manifest.json since it’s also specified in browser_specific_settings. This broke my build. Is web-ext lint wrong here, or is something wrong about my build? For example, is it possible Firefox devedition 118.0b9 doesn’t support browser_specific_settings, or that I have to move to "manifest_version": 3 before this setting work as expected?

Update: I can’t reproduce this locally. Is there some change in the timing of how webextensions are loaded when setting browser_specific_settings instead of applications? This seems bizarre. The only other difference I can think of is that the CI pipeline runs as root.

It’s unlikely to be related.
The “applications” is a legacy field that have been replaced:

Maybe a race condition? :slight_smile:

That’s possible, but seems unlikely. Removing a legacy, ostensibly unused field shouldn’t flip the tests from passing every time to failing every time.