Rep of the Month - April 2018

(Michael Kohler) #1

Please join us in congratulating David Ross, our Rep of the Month for April 2018!

David is a Mozillian living the UK and active in a lot of different Mozilla projects. In his day job he is building an Open Source Fitness platform. You might have seen him at the past few MozFests in London. Last year he did a great job wrangling the Privacy&Security space.

In the past few months David has organized several MozCoffees in London as well as online meetings for the London community. This is part of an effort to re-activate the UK
community he took on. David likes to plan ahead and he already has 7 upcoming activities he is going to participate at, including an event in summer of 2019 (that’s not a typo)! Last but not least he was a nominee for the recent Council election.

Thanks David, keep rocking the Open Web!

(Ranjith Raj) #2

Great guy! congrats.

(GeorgeRoter) #3

Fantastic! Great to see your energy and thoughtfulness in action!

(Spike) #4

Very many congratulations David!

This is hugely deserved as David is an inspirational and untiring force
of nature :slight_smile:


(Henrik Mitsch) #5

Congrats @david_ross, well deserved! Keep it and thanks for always keeping an eye on #participationsystems!


(Geraldo Barros) #6

Congrats @david_ross, you’re superstar in our network!

(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #7

Hey thanks everyone!

This is real nice having these efforts recognised like this, and I truly appreciate it. My fellow peers who have previously been Rep of the Month on so many levels have been hugely inspiring. I hope someone out there finds my output equally inspires them into taking, their very own interpretation of, action.

Some people perceive, by having a Mozilla office close-by and a flagship event like Mozfest, that things are easier for us. It can also work against you. We’ve often relied on the centralisation of our efforts, only engaging when officially sanctioned by a heirachical structure. It can be extremely difficult to connect with a community away from big events. This also centralises decisions and reliance around limited internal organisational resources.

Even our own Katharina Borchert often talks about rethinking such models. I saw this as clear signalling and took immediate action.

A hat tip to all of you struggling in your own way right now. Explore alternative paths. There’s nearly always more than 2 options!! It’s so much fun trying new things, and learning through mistakes. Your confidence will quietly build. When you start trusting yourself, soon others will trust in you.

The diversity of our voices and paths matters to Mozilla, and absolutely to me too. With vouched Mozillians in 121 countries I’m reminded of who I really represent. We might face our ups and downs, but we do this together, bridging communities across physically restrictive barriers through an Open Web.

Thanks all of you for this kind recognition, and consistent inspiration! It means a lot to me.

(ganesh) #8

Cheers and keep it up!