Rep of the Month - January 2017

(Michael Kohler) #1

Please join us in congratulating Petras, Rep of the Month for January 2017!

Petras is an IT specialist and entrepreneur, who started at an extremely young age to build up a company and to develop his Project Manager skills. Nowadays he has a track record of working with or even heading a number of world class IT projects and companies.

During the last few months he organized and participated in many events giving talks to thousand of people in various topics, including Privacy and Advocacy and the EU Copyright Reform. He adds his PM knowledge to the program by building up proposals for different projects. He managed to mobilize our community of volunteers, showing great leadership and communication skills.

Congrats Petras! :tada:

(Konstantina Papadea) #2

Congrats @PSlekys, you’re an inspiration for the rest of us :smiley:

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(Chiorean Ioana) #3

Young and restless! Congrats Petras!

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(Geraldo Barros) #4

Wow, awesome work, Congrats Petras!

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(Quentin Frémeaux) #5

Congrats @PSlekys you are an inspiring Reps and person !

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(Brian King) #6

Well done Petras, much deserved.

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(Henrik Mitsch) #7

Congrats @PSlekys! Keep it up.


(Nikos Roussos) #8

Congrats! Much deserved. Stellar work as a Rep.

(Ndediestelle) #9

Congratulations My dear



As someone that has met and worked with Petras at the last two MozFests I know how hard he works and how much he cares about building the global community.

Many congratulations, keep up the great work.

(Greencon Ebizz Infotech) #11

Well done Petras. Much deserved. Congratulations.