Rep of the Month - July 2016

Please join us in congratulating Christophe Villeneuve as Reps of the Month for July 2016!

Christophe has been a Rep for more than 9 months now and has reported more than 100 activities in the program. From talks on security to writing articles and organizing events, Christophe is active in many different areas. Did we already mention that he also bakes Firefox cookies ?

His energy and drive to promote the Open Web and web security is astonishing. Even if sometimes external factors intervene and some of the activities get blockers he neither gets disappointed nor quits, he looks for the next possibility out there.

3rd from left to right.

He truly is an open source believer contributing to other opensource communities (like Drupal PHP, MariaDB) as well and he tries to combine those activities for bigger audiences.


Congrats you really deserve it!

Congratulations! Keep up the good work! :tada:


Very thank’s, i’m happy of this appointment.
This is an opportunity to make cookies Firefox



Congratulations @hellosct1, Keep up the awesome work! :slight_smile:

i’m happy !!!

I did an interview for Mozilla France in 2 parts. This is the first

the 2nd part with plush elephpant PHP, cookies, FirefoxOS, Mozilla

Congrats Cristophe you really deserve it and I am also looking forward to
contribute more…!!!