Rep of the Month - March 2018

(Michael Kohler) #1

Please join us in congratulating Md Shahbaz Alam, our Rep of the Month for March 2018!

Shahbaz is a Full Stack Developer and Tech Evangelist by profession. He loves to talk about WebVR and auth0, he single-handedly created a Mozilla community in his home town Ranchi once he moved there. He is a Reps Mentor, Reps Resource member and community builder and loves traveling, cooking, organizing/speaking at events/conferences.


Recently Shahbaz has been speaking at Virtual Reality @ Hackfest in Dhanbad as well as at FootPrintsX8. He also organized Rust hack MITS. You can also read more about his contributions in 2017 in his blog post.

Thank you Shahbaz, keep rocking the open Web! :tada: :tada:

Note: the blog post will be approved tomorrow

(Bhuvanameenakshi) #2

Congratulations Shahbaz! You deserve it. Feeling proud to be your mentee.

(Umesh Agarwal) #3

Many congratulations !! Keep it up!

(Pranshu Khanna) #4

Congratulations Shahbaz Bhai! :smiley:
You’ve done great work, it’s lovely to see you get this award! Fully deserved! :slight_smile:


Many congratulations Shahbaz!

I am really impressed by the long list of events you have attended and your focus on helping grow your local community in the process.

Interested in the profile changer mentioned on your blog - I might find that very useful.

Keep being awesome and inspiring others.

(GeorgeRoter) #6

Congrats @shahbaz17!!

(Leye Odumuyiwa) #7

Congratulations Shahbaz :tada::tada::tada:

(Takeshi Hamasaki) #8

Congratulations Shahbaz,:sparkler: from one of your mentee in Japan.