Rep of the Month - November 2016

November’s gone but our lovely Reps made sure to leave a footprint of it behind with amazing activities. One that stood out was Ram Dayal Vaishnav, a Rep for almost three years now. He is always up to speed and engaged in the newest things mozilla engages in, so it is no surprise he is one of the volunteers leading WebVR activities in India.

Check his latest reports from the VR Camp Hyderabad about the A-Frame framework. Also, if you need an inspiration on how to organize a VR Day be sure to look over “A Day of Virtual Reality”. He attended the Mozilla Festival in London and is teaching the Learning WebVR development using A-Frame framework.

Thanks Ram for the amazing work done! Congratulations! :tada:


Many congratulations Ram. :tada:

Congratulations Ram Bhai! Hope you continue to do awesome things and inspire all other people out here!

Congratssss! He deserve it.

Thanks so much for your work Ram! A truly inspiration for all! :clap:t4: :raised_hands:t4: :tada:

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Congratulation for your Awesome Job :grinning:

Congratulations Ram, this is such an exciting news for all of us. :slight_smile:

Congrats, you deserve it!

Ram is probably the most buzzing and enthusiastic Mozillian I’ve met in India. Always with a smile. Congratulations! You deserve it.

Congratulations for the awesome work! :wink:

woop congratulations on the great stuff!

Keep rocking the virtual web!

It is always a great pleasure working with you Ram. Thanks for challenging us and being an inspiration to others.

congrats guy

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congratulations Ram

Thanks everyone for your wishes. Though I am quite late to reply here :wink:
but I am truly thankful to the awesome reps program and amazing reps (and
other mozillian friends) out there.