Rep of the Month - October 2018

Hi everyone

Please join us in congratulating Tim Maks van den Broek, our Rep of the Month for October 2018!

Tim is one of our most active members in the Dutch community. During his 15+ years as a Mozilla Volunteer he has touched many parts of the Project. More recently his focus is on user support and he is active in our Reps Onboarding team.

On the Onboarding Team he dedicates time for new Reps joining the project to ensure a smooth process in getting to know our processes and work… He is also helping the Participation Systems team in operationalizing (i.e. bug fixing) identity and access management at Mozilla (shortly known as IAM login system).

Thanks Tim, keep rocking the Open Web! :tada: :tada:


Congratulations Tim!!

Congrats TIM! So well deserved! Thanks for your hard work and leadership! Super grateful for your contributions!

Congratulations Tim!
Thank you very much for your work, leadership, participation and contributions to Mozilla!