Replying to user reviews?

(Ben) #1

I used to be able to reply to the reviews that users submitted for my add-on, but all of sudden the ‘Reply’ option isn’t appearing anymore, only the ‘Flag’ option is available. I am still receiving email notifications whenever someone reviews my add-on, but I can’t answer any questions that they share.

If someone could point me in the right direction or let me know the problem might be, i’d greatly appreciate it.



(Tom Schuster) #2

Are you sure you are logged in with the right account? I can still reply to people on my addon’s review page.

(Jorge) #3

You were probably running into this issue, which was very recently fixed.

(Ben) #4

You are correct Jorgev! I was unlisted, but the recent fix now allows me to respond to comments again. :+1: