ReplyWithHeader v2.0 still pending at Awaiting Review


(Jeevanandam M.) #1

Hello -

I have submitted ReplyWithHeader v2.0 for TB 60. Its been a 4 days; same position (at 4th) in the review queue as I submitted.

Could review team member have a look and approve my add-on?


(Caitlin Neiman) #2

Hey @jeeva – I’m moving this to the Thunderbird forum category. Hopefully someone will be able to look into this soon.

(Jeevanandam M.) #3

Okay @caitmuenster, thank you.

(Jeevanandam M.) #4

@TheOne Could you please have a look on my add-on and approve? Thanks.

(Jeevanandam M.) #5

@RealRaven Thanks for your help to review and publish. Now RWH v2.0 is live in AMO.